Little Sisters of the Poor, Bangalore

Charity activity at Little Sisters Of The Poor, Bangalore

As planned, the Bangalore leg of Shri SPB’s Birthday celebrations was held on the 8th June 2008. As put across already to our group, Little Sisters of the Poor was the institution identified for the philanthropic activities. Credit should go where it is due, and it shall definitely rest with Mrs. Vaidehi, Mr. Toufeeq, Mr. Arvind and Mr. Malarvannan who went around the town in evaluating several institutions and finally identifying the one mentioned above and also procuring the items needed.

The institution runs a childrens’ home and a senior citizens care centre. The group zeroed in on the senior citizens’ care centre.

On 8th June 2008, Mrs. Vaidehi, Arvind, Toufeeq, Satish, Malarvannan and I assembled at the venue at about 11:00 AM. Mother Superior Ann, Senior Sister Helena and the rest of the nuns were quite happy with the medicines and food items that were provided.

What was more touching was that the residents were very happy with the medicines supply. And one of them put it this way, ‘You have bought medicines. We take more medicines than food. So, we will bless you all more’. The group politely sought that all blessing and prayers be directed towards Shri SPB.

The group spent the next hour and a half with the residents and the nuns, and absorbing in on the cool serene surroundings. The residents are encouraged to work on handicrafts products so as to keep their limbs flexible and maintain their hand-to-eye coordination. All of were astounded by the craftsmanship they exhibited at their ripe old age. [See some photos of their work]

Photos of the event available at the Chritable Foundation Gallery at our, Photo courtesy: our group member/ camera-man Arvind