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Vaishnav KChennaiThe Great SPB Sir,

I dont know if I am eligible to call your name, but I loved your songs you sung and will do for rest of my life. I&as;m a great fan of your&as;s since my childhood. I really loved every song of your&as;s and been crazy.

i am a very big fan of u. daily listen 2 hours u rs songs for refreshment .

very very thank ful 2 u
RameshEvanston, IL, USAMy name is Ramesh. I don&as;t want to cheat you that&as;s why i am giving you my mail address. I think you know me very well. Some songs my be not your voice. I was born in "The Keg of Evanston", Evanston, IL, USA. I think you can read telugu and you can9-Feb-09
Chinmoy Bhattacharjeekolkatamain app ka bohot bara fan gana sunkar hum hayran ho jate kaise itni easy gate great hari ji to legend hain.........thanks sir...asie gate rahiehe......god bless u sir.......6-Feb-09
GeethaCaliforniaDear Balu Sir,

Your songs have been my life saving relaxation. I can&as;t tell you how much I owe you. Just listening to "Kadhal Oviyam" songs can rejuenvate me and fill me with so much vibrant energy and happiness.

Great work you and Ilay
Mahesh KashyapBengaluruDear Sir,

What a honour that we listen to your songs be it any langauge,as you always say music breaks barrier.Have been listening to your songs in kannada,telugu,tamil & hindi since my childhood.I wish to meet you in person if am lucky.I remember
VenkatHyderabadDear Balu garu,

I am your big fan. I like your songs, especially your talent in giving diferrent voices to diferrent diferrent actors. Your voice is quite suitable to Churanjeevi and Venkatesh. I prey for the God to give you more opeertunities in t
sampayanKolkataDear sir i m great fan of you and we luv you. i want to take lesson music from you...

how can i contact you if you kindly give me your contact information i will be grateful thanking you...

lakshmihyd&as;badsir meeru konni serials ki padinapaatalu chalabagunnai vaatinaitini oka cd gano leka cassete gano tesuku vaste santhostanu18-Jan-09
Kavitha ShankarChennaiDear Padum Nila
Yes this word is right and you are ever man who attracts lotssssss of people. Wow how sweet your voice is? Whenever a person is sad the best treatment is listening music that too your ever Lovable great splendid excellent&obc;have i mis
ParthibanBangaloreDear S.P.B Sir,

Last 43 years ur rocking in all Major Film industry n India..this s major achievement & really proud of you as Indian..I am looking forward you will get international award to achieve this feet as more than 40,000 songs...I know you
anupamaerodedear S.P.B sir,
i&as;m a great fan of yours.its my immense pleasure in writing this for you.wat a beautiful creation of god u are!your voice has always been a part of my life.whenever i&as;m happy,sad,on the top of the world or whate
Dr.Y.S.NAIDUVISAKHAPATNAMPeople like me are living in this &as;MAYALOKAM&as; with the light of Balu sir Voice. Maro Janmantu Vunte Balu sir Koduku ga puttalani vundi
Paul CarrackBengaluruDear SPB,

Read your column on &as;God & I&as; in the Deccan Chronicle today. The evidence you come up with to prove the existence of God &obc;&as;you can&as;t see Him, but you can&as;t see oxygen either, and oxygen is there, so God is also there&as
purushothamadilabadguruthulyulina balasubramanyam gariki,
padhabivandhanalatho me abimani memmalni chudalani ennosarlu prayathnichanu kani sadhya pada ledhu naku meru guruvutho samanam endhukante naku patalante chala istam me patalante inka ishtam me patala kanna me
V.MahadevanChennaiDear Mr.SPB ji

It is always a pleasant time in life when I hear your voice. It relieves all worries & Tension and mind get relaxed. I am not missing any of your programme at Chennai. Of course I shifted to Chennai two years back from Hosur due t
cheluvabengalooruMy dearest Sir,

I am ur Big Fan since my childhood... I used to listen your songs and used to sing...even now. I don&as;t know about classical singing but i used to sing anywhere anytime. I wish you sing more and more kannada songs for ur fans a...
ramasubramaniamchennai41for me spb is a god. i live because of him.his melodies give me comfort. i live because of him27-Dec-08
meenachi sundaramsaidapetDear sir,

Before Last two weeks, We met recording studio for the film of paartha muthal nalea &obc;song name: 31 District song&cbc;.

This song is running in my mind. Very very very very.... Super your voice in that song!

I like to be
hari kiran chyderabaddear balu sir!

you are a living legend of world music and an encyclopedia of music, I am an ekalavya sishya of you, I have started my love towards music listening at your great voice from my childhood, there&as;s no single day that i forget to list

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