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Cool Timeline

August 2018

Kerala Flood Relief

Donation of Rs.2 Lakhs to Indian Red Cross towards Kerala flood relief fund

July 2018

Academic scholarship

Academic scholarship to eleven students of Rs.1,27,500/- in July 2018

June 2018

Financial support to 18 cine musicians

Rs. 3,000/- per month per musician from June 2018 to March 2019

February 2018

Anbalaya, Trichy

Donated building construction materials and laser printer worth Rs. 65,000/-

February 2018

LUBRA, Trichy

Donated audio equipment worth Rs. 65,000/-

September 2017

Medical support

Medical support to Smt. Kanagavalli (Gandhimathi. B) of Rs.25,000/- in September 2017

August 2017

Academic scholarship

Academic scholarship to nine students of Rs.45,000/- in August 2017

April 2017

Financial support to 10 cine musicians

Rs. 5,000/- per month per musician from April 2017 to March 2018

March 2016

Vidhyarambam Trust, Chennai

Donated 100 educational kits for providing continued education to less-privileged children for Rs.1,72,000/-.

March 2016

Lakshmi Pain and Palliative Care Trust, Chennai

Purchased medical equipment to save lives of patients with prolonged and life-limiting illnesses like cancer for Rs.1,80,000/-.

March 2016

Infrastructure support to educational institutions

Catered to the fundamental infrastructure needs of two schools in the neighborhood districts (to Chennai), creating better educational environment for deserving students

  • Panchayat Union Middle School @ Puduvattaram, Kovur(March 2016)  Rs.1,01,000/- – Kanchipuram district
  • Govt school at Salukkai village (March 2016), Thiruvannamalai district for Rs.80,000/-
February 2016

Tamil Nadu Flood Relief

    • Rehabilitation of families who lost everything post the flood disaster that struck in Dec 2015 – Supplied groceries, dhoti and saree worth Rs.10 lakhs at the following locations:
      • Silambinathan Pettai (460 families) – Near Panruti in Cuddalore District
      • Pallatheru (60 families) – Near Panruti in Cuddalore District
      • Nanmangalam town near Kizhkattalai off OMR (750 families)
    • Donated to Vallalar Kaapagam (Rs.28,000/-), Saradha Sakthi Peetam (Rs.30,000/-), SIP Memorial Trust (Rs.29,000/-) & Bala Aasramam (Rs.24,000/-) as flood relief financial aid.
June 2015

Nepal natural calamity

Timely financial aid of Rs. 5 lakhs to Nepal (through Sri Ramakrishna Mutt) towards bringing back normalcy of life in the country, post the natural calamity.

June 2015

Lawrence Charitable Trust, Chennai

Purchased groceries for the orphanage run by Sri. Raghava Lawrence

April 2015

Samarthanam Trust, Bengaluru

Strives to provide opportunities for the deserving, young, and talented children with disability of any form.

April 2015

Sahana Charitable Trust, Bengaluru

Empowers the visually impaired to live life in dignity in the society.

April 2015

Malleswaram Sishu Vihar, Bengaluru

An educational institution at Bangalore that aims at shaping disciplined children for tomorrow.

April 2014

Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Kuvalaivedu village, Tiruvannamalai Dt

Towards infrastructure needs including furniture

March 2014

Bala Ashram, Chennai

Towards their inmates’ food and life support needs for Rs.50,000/-

March 2014

Indian Blind Welfare Charitable Trust, Chennai

Donation of Rs.15,000/- to this society of Visually Challenged Students and Working Community.